Ipswich City Council

  • Location: Ipswich, Qld
  • Client: Ipswich City Council
  • Scope: Hazardous materials surveys of Council assets and asbestos removal support

The asbestos legacy has and will remain for some time in Australia. With a large proportion of related legislation under the work health and safety umbrella it is no accident that competent contaminated land consultants are also versed with occupational legislation. Our people and Licensed Asbestos Assessor previously delivered the asbestos and broader hazardous materials surveys for over 130 Council buildings and other assets in Ipswich. We have assisted several Council’s across NSW and Qld with asbestos and other hazardous materials issues such as leaded paint, synthetic mineral fibre and polychlorinated biphenyl.

Environmental Advisors continues to assist Ipswich Council with hazardous building materials and implementation of their corporate Asbestos Management Plan that our key people authored, most recently for refurbishment of the WG Hayden Humanities Centre and redevelopment of the Old Woollen Mill Site.